How’s your Honeydewin’?

Believe me, I know the chips taste good, and so do the all the fried snacks and doughy goodness in the world. Heck, what doesn’t taste good at this point? I’m pregnant, I want it all. But all those go to foods aren’t what my body, or my baby, want and need. We need vitamins and nutrients from natural, healthier foods. Snack time can still be just as sweet, and in the end, you’ll come out feeling more satisfied than ever!

Today, as a late night snack, I had Honeydew for the first time in quite awhile. Not liking them much as a kid, I couldn’t believe how much I enjoyed this melon! It was a great boost of energy, and I don’t think it could have been any more refreshing with all it’s watery content. This satisfaction peaked my interest, so I looked into the benefits of this refreshing treat and was pretty surprised by what I found.

I mean yeah, there’s the obvious facts:

  • Low cal
  • High potassium
  • Extremely hydrating
  • A great source of energy, and all the
  • Vitamins, vitamins, vitamins

But what really caught my eye was how much good this green fruit was doing for my baby. Honeydew, along with many other melons, supply so many nutrients to the fetus that help their immune system, their vision, brain, bones and so many other things.

All that potassium also prevents leg cramps, something no pregnant woman wants. So instead of snack packing, grab a Honeydew while you’re at the store. You’ll thank yourself later!




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